--- Designed & Developed By: Datta Gample



Version 4.2
The unlitimate free Live Indian TV Entertainment Box..!!
DTVIndia is a free, full entertainment supported portable package for your android device. DTVIndia has variety of Indian channels, which has user friendly catergorised navigation menu bar. Currently DTVIndia is available in two Modes.

DTVIndia full version is free Ad-Integrated application, which works well on High grade devices, with Android OS > 2.3

DTVIndia Mini version is Mini version of DTVIndia which play only Free to Air channels...!!

Whereas, DTVIndia_Lite version is specially released for Low grade Android devices with Android OS lower than or equal to 2.3. Because of many non-compatible support of libraries, DTVIndia_Lite versions has its own limitation such as, Audio-Video lag, Full Screen Support issue.

Following are the main features of DTVIndia;
  • Capable of Playing variety of Indian TV channels
  • Channels are categorised Regional wise
  • Automatic update of Channel List.
  • Support to play Internet Radio
  • Full Screen Support
  • Play in Background support
Requires Android 2.3 and higher. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.
Requires Windows 8,7 Or XP Laptop / Desktop, also it can used on MacBook as well.